Club Violin Comes to Hampton Roads

photoClub Violin is now servicing the Hampton Roads area. Come on, Virginia brides, let us hear from you. We are available for ceremonies and special events in Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, and  Virginia Beach Virginia.

The decision to branch out was an easy one. Club Violin owner, Leslie Erickson, is a native of the area and returned to teach in the public schools after getting her degrees. It was during those years as a teacher that she formed lasting relationships with many wonderful musicians. One of those musical partnerships is with Nancy Monaghan, who has been performing with Club Violin since it founding in 2006. She will continue to work side by side with Leslie for Outer Banks weddings and will be the new face of Club Violin Hampton Roads.

Contact her at 757.206.2990 or via email to tell her all about your Hampton Roads wedding.

Introducing Clearspring Jazz Quartet

clearspringClearspring is a jazz quartet comprised of Erin Garrett (vocals), Steve Raisor (guitar), Martin Parker (drums), and Steve Husser (bass). They specialize in jazz-inspired vocals and instrumentals played at a moderate volume. They can cater their style to any occasion. Audiences can simultaneously enjoy the music and carry on a conversation. If dancing is on tap, they can perform upbeat selections from Tony Bennett to Norah Jones. All four members have years of experience as their sound will prove.

Check out their sound!
Don’t Ask Me Why
Shall We Dance?

Aaaaaaand I am blogging….

So I’ve often thought I have a really exciting and interesting life and everyone should, you know, know all about it. Just go on and on and on about what I do. So, like the rest of the world, I will blog. Here it is: I am a wedding violinist. Awesome, right? Right!! I also teach violin lessons and I have 2 beautiful girls and a pretty cool husband. All of that makes for lots of interesting stories and a very fulfilling life. Blah blah blah, I know. But what sometimes gets pushed to the surface are really cool stories of people getting married. Their life, their wedding, their music, the crazy outer banks weather, the dress, doggie friends who are ring bearers, the family members who can only be remembered  in spirit. All of it makes for such a rich experience as the spectator that I am.


There was this one sweet, sweet bride who’s beautiful wedding got rained out at Festival Park, and I mean a torrential downpour, and nothing, NOTHING seemed to dampen their moment. Inside the theater, drenching wet but in love, they shared their vows with a “packed house”. Smiles and tears on everyone’s face. It was a fun, lively crowd that chatted and laughed all the way through the prelude, which is the music I play for guests as they enter for the ceremony. (By the way I LOVE when people are excited and energetic then – it really says something about the couple.) When I started to play Can’t Help Falling Love, for some reason, they all stopped talking and just listened. Don’t know why, really but they just did. You could have heard a pin drop. As the procession started, you could sense the anticipation and excitement in the air. I do a lot of weddings. A LOT of weddings. Every once in a while, random things give me goose bumps. This was one of those moments but I couldn’t put my finger on why. So off they go, down the aisle a happily married couple. Off I go to play the cocktail hour on stage at Festival park. Once the couple was introduced, the dances began. Except, when the song began, this bride danced with her brother. And then her other brother, and then her other brother and then her sisters joined her. You see, her parents had both passed away. The depth of emotion I felt, as a mere spectator, the chills, the tears, the overWHELMING presence of love in the air was absolutely incredible. What a strong, beautiful bride, on her wedding day, not letting a raindrop get in her way. Letting others love her, the way her parents do on this day, shining from above, I am sure. I realized then what gave me goose bumps during the ceremony- absolute pure love, pure energy coming from every single person in that room. It was an amazing wedding and I was so honored to have been a part of it. THAT’s why I do what I do. Lucky me.